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Design, create and live a life in a home you absolutely love!

Well, why wouldn't you? The funny thing is, many people don't take the time to actually do it...

Why wait to live in your dream home?


you belong in a home that makes your life easier and more fun every day

I am so excited you are here because as you can probably already tell this is something I am hugely passionate about and something that we are not necessarily taught growing up BUT has such a profound impact upon our health and happiness.


I have developed my premium programme to help you create your dream home through wellbeing-centred interior design because DESIGN IS NOT JUST PRETTY CUSHIONS, although obviously, they're great too!


Does this sound familiar right now?

  • Tired of going in circles, or trawling through Pinterest with bits of "how-to's" to design your home, but never piecing them all together and still feeling lost and confused

  • Feeling restless, easily distracted and not aligned within your home and/or workspace

  • Feeling an internal resistance as soon as you walk through your front door

  • Waking up in the morning, opening your eyes and not getting that in love feeling

  • Exhausted of waking up the best intentions but not knowing what to focus on first or exactly how to achieve it

  • Feeling bogged down by your home and feeling guilty as you're constantly reminded about all those bits and bobs that you've not got round to doing yet

  • Complete overwhelm and disconnect

  • Ready to commit to a new way of thinking and get to work on making your dream home your reality?

  • Willing to accept you need help?

  • Willing to invest in yourself to achieve your home goals?

Discipline is the key to success. 


creating the life you want is nobody's responsibility but your own...

Wouldn't you rather this instead?

  • You wake up in your dream home every morning!

  • You get clear on your goals, your vision and what is important to you to design your own piece of heaven of earth

  • You ditch the habits/rituals that aren't serving you (even the secret ones you hide)

  • You learn to design your home to serve you and manifest improved wellbeing and abundant success

  • I teach you my straightforward, step by step process, removing creative overwhelm, indecision and simplifying the industry jargen

  • Understand how your brain works and how it communicates constantly with our surroundings on a deeper level so you can use that to your advantage

  • You get to create something magical in your home and/or workspace, understanding all of the principles of great design (colour, light, spatial planning, texture, eco-consciousness and so much more) from concept to implementation - but most importantly, how to implement them to serve YOU 

  • You get out of your own way, to be the woman you want to be and live the life you design

  • You get continuous professional support throughout the whole process

Your life does not get better by chance,

it gets better by change

- jim rohn

What you will get 

  • 6 months support with my mentorship

  • Bespoke one-to-one time refining your designs

  • Access to my extensive online course content and materials

  • Accountability - weekly check-in is key!

  • Weekly intensive coaching calls

  • Workbooks to assist your learning and development

  • Knowledge and tools that have taken 10 years to develop are yours in 6 months!

This program is not for you if

  • You are not willing to learn and implement new ways of thinking and doing

  • You make excuses and blame others, rather than coming up with solutions and taking action

  • You expect things to be done and fixed for you

  • You are in a state of financial fear and reluctant to invest in yourself and your future

  • You do not have the investment to implement your design and make the changes within your home

The Life Design Academy mentorship is a premium level investment into you and your future. it is for inspired women who are ready to make their dream home their reality

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6 month mentorship

6 monthly payments


6 month mentorship

one-off payment



Still have some questions about the Life Design Academy...?