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I am so grateful and so excited to have been asked to contribute my story, alongside 19 other stunning and empowering women on their journey of entrepreneurship...warts and all...


The Secret Diaries of a female entrepreneur...

Entrepreneurship is tough. Some days are more painful than chewing glass and that’s why not everyone makes it in business.


We are living in a time when it is too easy as a female entrepreneur to compare our reality and real-time results with other people’s social media highlights and exaggerations.

It is important to draw inspiration from people who already have what we are working to create, but it is also painfully demotivating to only receive one side of the story.


In this book, 20 incredible women share their journey to success completely unfiltered.


Each woman different in their approach to business and have experienced challenges in different ways. They share their stories of break through and break down so that you can learn from their mistakes and take solace in the fact that you are not alone in your struggle to greatness.

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