I'm just a girl from London, cutting out the noise and the hustle, passionate about every woman living a life by design, not by chance. I believe every woman knows what they truly want inside of them and I want every woman to find it, implement it and achieve it.

My mission is to help women from all over the world, design and create an environment that manifests positive behavioural change and leads to an abundance of success - whatever that success looks like to you.

Why do I do what I do?​

I grew up surrounded by the culture of; you go to school, go to university to get a degree so you can then get a 'decent' job and then you can work your way from there...into the adult abyss. My 'career advice' at school was extremely limited, so much so I can barely recollect it now and the personality based test they did to see what career I should go into told me I should be a farmer... I am sure lots of people love farming, but I knew 100% that it was not for me,


Your home could be your greatest ally, but so very often it’s part of the problem.

This is why I do what I do and am so damn passionate about it. There seems to be a huge oversight in our nurturing, of learning to build an environment which helps create our own success (in fact I hear so many stories of people being told as a child they won't achieve being such and such, why don't you do this and go here instead). I was also never taught how to create an environment (physically and mentally) for myself that could support me along that journey. Not everyone has an amazing support network of family and friends around them as I did, and even those that do, sometimes it has its challenges - how do we deal with that? We muddle through and hope for the best. Well to me, this isn't good enough and I didn't want to spend my life muddling through anything, I wanted to design it and have control of my destiny...


This lead me to do a BSc Open degree at the Open University (literally so I could design my degree!) studying modules in design, mathematics and environmental sciences. After loving studying design and environment and how they're so intertwined, I saw an incredibly mind-blowing talk on 'architecture that's built to heal'. That was my sign from the universe! I went onto study Interior Design at KLC School of Design in London to learn all the practical, technical and psychological aspects of Interior Design.


After this, I worked for different design practices as a freelance designer. I gained experience in lots of high-end residential and commercial design all over the world. I noticed, however, that something was missing, both for me and the client. There was a disconnect. I wanted the clients to be more involved in the process than is the 'norm'. Making the decisions and completely designing a home for someone without intensive input from the person that going to be living there, didn't make sense to me.

How can a home be truly impactful and help to mould someone to live as the best versions of themselves? How can a home support it's owners and limit trigger and challenge? How can it be an individual's own sanctuary? The design needs to comes from within them.

This is why I now practice in the way I do. I want you to be the designer and I believe through wellbeing-centred interior design, you can create a home that truly supports you and sees you achieve abundance and success, whatever that success looks like to you.

So, I commit to making you one of my success stories!

I can show you how to thrive effortlessly in your environment and achieve abundant success


You will enjoy working with me if...

  • You appreciate a straight-talking approach to personal development.

  • You are happy to be held to account for your progress and know you are responsible for it.

  • You have a creative and positive outlook on life.

  • Enjoy a solution-based NOT problem-based based approach to everything. 

  • Recognise the value of combining mindset & practical steps to reach your next level of success.

  • You enjoy being challenged and stretched.

You will benefit from my courses or mentorship if...

  • You want that in-love feeling when you walk into your home, knowing you are safe and balanced and ready to achieve all of your inspired goals, effortlessly.

  • You are ready to reach your next level of personal growth and success; as an individual, in your business or career, as a mother and homemaker - whatever that goal looks like to you.

  • You live in a constant state of overwhelm and feel bogged down by your home.

  • You feel a disconnect with your home, and sometimes the people in it, maybe including yourself.

  • You feel like you don't belong in your home and that it doesn't reflect who you are or whom you want to be.

  • You've given so much of yourself to others, you've lost yourself and your personal journey in the process. You want to regain that clarity and confidence, beginning with YOUR space.

  • You work really hard in your business or chosen career but still live in survival mode and find it difficult to see how you can push further and earn more without losing your mind or compromising any other aspect of your life. You need your home to function better and help streamline your life.

  • You're thinking about a career/business change or starting a new career/business but are lacking in the confidence in yourself and your abilities to do so and are maybe not sure exactly what direction to go in. You wish to feel both grounded and inspired by your home.

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