Hey! I'm Victoria, Interior Design Mentor, author and founder of the Life Design Academy; where interior design meets wellbeing.

I teach empowered women how to design and transform their home to create an environment that manifests positive behavioural change and leads to an abundance of success...


I get it! I know where you are right now... how? Because I've been there. You want to feel like you're absolutely smashing it in every area of your life effortlessly. You want to feel in control of your mind, your body and your home, right? And you want to feel zero overwhelm? You want your home to feel like a well-oiled machine that you don't have to worry about... You want to feel full of inspiration as soon as you open your eyes in the morning and roll into your day with ease and confidence. I want that for you too.


I know there is a reason you're here and it's not by accident. You know there is more to life than feeling stuck and like the day is a slog as soon as you wake up.

When you've dedicated so much time, energy and money to make a good life for yourself and maybe your family too, but it doesn't feel quite right... If you feel like the home you're waking up in isn't yours, it doesn't reflect you, your goals and aspirations and it doesn't inspire you to be the best version of yourself - then you also know it is time to change and to do something about it. I got you...

They say 'home is where the heart is', is your heart in your home? I have found my calling as a professional Interior Designer, helping women just like you find balance in their home, whilst feeling aligned and on-purpose as entrepreneurs, career-women, sisters, daughters, mothers, aunties, best friends, girlfriends, wives, sexy humans!

I am not your guru, I am just a normal woman who has been in your shoes and hated those feelings of overwhelm in a place that should be our ultimate safe-space, our home. I've developed a comprehensive strategy, through years of practising as a professional Interior Designer both in commercial and residential settings, to use interior design to create an environment that serves us and is aligned with who we are and whom we want to be. It all starts with you...

whatever is good for your soul... do that


You know how you want to feel when you wake up in the morning right?

You want to open your eyes first thing and feel that 'ahhhh life is pretty damn good' feeling right? You know, the one you feel when you wake up in the most amazing hotel? But you want that to be your reality every morning right?

Then why wait? You may not be able to see the 'how' right now, but that's where I come in! I will show you step by step and we will work together to create your ideal new Designs...


As women, we tend to feel called to help and give so much to others all the time... most of the time what ends up being bottom of the priority list is ourselves and our home. But I'm here to tell you, it doesn't need to be that way! I know deep down you know that too, otherwise, you wouldn't be here...

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My signature programme, the Life Design Academy was built with these problems in mind and provides amazing women like you with a step-by-step implementable system to successfully design your home with me as your mentor whilst you learn.

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